Learning Tech Journals list now with Journal of Experimental Education

https://www.dropbox.com/s/yerucajqvqcenr7/2018_04_06_1.1_LearnTechJournals.xlsx?dl=0 which is still in same folder where any updated versions will continue to be added https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4j23gmkx0cb67g0/AAAf-bwMmcUB8Yrgjn3GjM0Qa?dl=0

I won’t be updating these with remainder of 2017 / 18 onwards but will update if any additional journals added. The Journal of Experimental Education has some similarity to AI in Education but covers other topics too


How Russian artists bring an untold beauty and warmth of Soviet childhoods

With exceptions, most media, literature written by US or UK writers have presented a somewhat cold, grey picture of life in USSR.

In the last year, I have been to 2 different exhibitions which don’t attempt to gloss over suffering but bring a warm view of life in social apartments too.

Ilya & Emilia Kabakov’s sculpture of a kind of Soviet twitter. Each piece of paper has different short messages that represent daily living amongst different household objects. You can imagine the neighbours all talking to each other

Ilgiz Gimranov sharing his love and warmth of childhood in early Soviet housing…we loved playing in the snow and didn’t want to stop even when our mothers called us in as we were late for dinner…

Kemerovo appeal and donating to Russian accounts

I have managed a successful donation and I have previously caused myself unnecessary problems with other donations elsewhere, so thought I’d explain. Russian account numbers are 20 digits long. You often see 2 x account numbers on appeals.

There’s a transit currency account where you donate in currency other than rubles.

There’s also a ruble account (RUB) which you can donate directly into, you can get charges from your UK bank but I haven’t found huge difference with amounts I’m donating.

You need the SWIFT code, bank address and you may need VO code – your bank may have or you can find online.

For example – this official Kemerovo appeal has been launched on RT.com which is going to Russian Red Cross relief effort there.

In English:


I also used https://translate.yandex.com/ for Russian Red Cross website as well. Not because I didn’t trust RT at all, just wanted to find out more about the organisation.

Russian Red Cross on Twitter (in Russian) http://twitter.com/russianredcross

Piano and differences in learning music

I’m teaching my new Ukrainian friend the piano.

I haven’t played in many years but thanks to my niece who found a beginners book that she used, I was able to spend a few minutes before first lesson looking at basics.

One of our lecturers who researches music psychology told me that Eastern European / Asian citizens hear / play blues with minor E – this explanation which is beyomd me at the moment


We didn’t get onto minor keys but mentioned it and we will see if it produces anything memorable further along.

We started with how to hold fingers but like taekwondo not too much emphasis as this comes with practice. The book had a good signpost which was finding C next to the 2 black minor keys. So we did that and briefly went through letters which my friend said that they didn’t learn as letters at school – instead doh rei me.

As she is a lingust she picked up the patterns really quickly doing a C scale up with one hand and a C scale down with other hand. Before doing this I asked her to make chords i.e. with 3 fingers and just have a general play around the whole of the piano, major and minor. I didn’t go into much explanation of chords, this was just a chance to hear the sounds.

I wrote out for right hand CDEFGABC and put numbers above each letter I.e 1 for C, 2 for D etc

For left hand also using numbers above CBAGFEDC

We played a very small tune from the book mostly one note to get the idea of counting 4, 2 and 1 and a similiar tune for other hand and she managed to do both hands together.

Taekwondo coaching update

Weather was good for a return to training today. Richmond Park misty below en route.

Practised roundhouse / full turn kicks today using new kickshield and my student found that easier than a kickpad/paddle because he said the resistance was better. We have previously practised roundhouse / full turn by holding onto chairs so the kick is not too unfamiliar. As the student is older, I am emphasising the movement from the change in stance and the hips first and thinking about accuracy later on. We did a kind of hip swinging walk to practice the hip rotation in addition to normal warm up. There’s quite a lot of ice on the ground but not solid so it’s kicked up like tiny glass stones.

Kemerovo with love

A few of us have started to create a card to send to everyone in Kemerovo
Please add your message : https://padlet.com/nicola_avery2/kemepobo
If you prefer to make your own, you can also use http://stickynotemaker.com/ and send to projectsna@pm.me