Maslenitsa at Pushkin House in Bloomsbury

Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Sweden, 1 x US, several Brits all attending and having fun. Imagine that a Russian village party is the same. Beautiful costumes – apparently northern Russians dance slowly and southern Russians ‘dance like crazy’.

Organic food vs non-organic food

I moved to organic boxes for a few months but temporarily stopping due to work related circumstances and not getting through the contents in time.

I used Riverford who have a supplier in my area so the produce comes from several local counties, the odd bit from Devon and the odd bit from Spain/Italy/France.

Supermarket organic food has more produce from Europe than UK but that will change with Brexit. It is higher priced than my organic box.

With trying to reduce own carbon footprint, am trying to buy more local food from my region or UK but not always possible, even our local food stall where I volunteer cannot always source everything locally and the local costs are higher to the organisation which in turn raises the prices to customers.

The cost of organic food coming down in recent years but still only for middle – high incomes and as those consumers also looking in more detail of supply chains, suppliers are going to need to find carbon friendly ways to provide a competitive benefit.

Daoism and environment weekend tv / reading

Very interesting to begin looking at China for the next five/six weeks. Having followed some martial arts blogs on and off over the last ten years, looking at some Daoism thought, I don’t know if religion will be covered. Our university vice chancellor is the first Chinese vice chancellor in the UK and Surrey has had a lot of partnership activity with Chinese organisations and researchers before I was there 11 years ago; and still growing. Research will be limited as don’t currently know Mandarin. China is on the hope to visit list.

Found a Society for Anglo Chinese Understanding

Remember something about Daoist priests and environment but can’t recall exactly what, I think in 2010/11. Also met a Daoist priest in training who is lovely and one of the best Chi Kung practitioners I have ever come across – runs classes in Edinburgh

Some other items to read

  1. Palmer M, 2013,
  2. Epple K, 2009 The role of Daoism in Environmental Ethics in China
  3. Xia C, Shonfeld M, 2011, A Daoist response to Climate Change
  4. Kane V, 2001, Taoism and Contemporary Environmental Literature

Some videos:

Norbury Park

Women don’t need fake feminism and chauvinism

I’m totally uninterested in fake feminism practised by female parasites and their male cheerleaders.

International Women’s day is nothing more than an unneeded publicity exercise to try and put females in a box. The only day that has any use of any kind to women is International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and that is another publicity exercise with very little results.

We don’t need to celebrate our gender as a category, we do need to help protect females against male violence against women just as much as female violence against women. Stop hitting, torturing, raping, yelling, harassing, stalking, threatening, stealing their money etc. It’s not hard.

That actually matters.