Interesting new Roehampton paper on attachment, need satisfaction and wellbeing in a sample of athletes

Luke Felton:

Open access paper:

Have only read first page, I have not worked or had any interaction with Luke or his research as yet so won’t comment on this study, but will read over the weekend as it focuses on relationships between coaches and athletes so useful to know more re martial arts and relationships attachment – which I don’t need to state the obvious about either.


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Pilates, yoga and taekwondo and bricks

Had interesting chat with someone at the gym who has had lots of back problems then broke his back. He did yoga but after seeing consultant – they said that it was great about being more supple and flexible but had lost his core.

I had a core in Leeds but seems to have disappeared since so may either try pilates again or find out more yoga core strengthening – beyond plank exercises. Don’t like all pilates classes but can try one as part of gym membership at work and it includes dance students so may be useful.

Will look at increasing weights to assist, in January probably not before then. Also going to try different – more classic brick breaking technique and see how that goes. Depending on various things will try and return to ITF style alongside any WTF training and get away from the excessive sport focus.

Bye for now to possibly my favourite martial artist in the world

He is moving to another part of the UK so will see him but less. I have known him since I was a martial arts baby. He is ex special forces, likes a philosophical discussion but has little time for martial arts wisdom about the world – martial arts know how to do martial arts and that’s where they can talk knowledgeably. 

Don’t entirely agree but seeing much martial arts bollocks… He also gave the most sensible reason I have ever heard for not joining the army – “people shoot at you!”

Has a fantastic operatic singing voice. I used to watch in fascination, awe as he performed martial arts patterns in class. He was probably the physically strongest in the class and always treated everyone with respect, he seemed to have intuition about how much force anyone could take, regardless of belt colour.

He once did what a fellow stydent described as the best demonstration he has ever seen of anything. I think it was a roundhouse kick that I was messing up. He stopped our small group and asked me to hold the kickpad. He kicked and the kickpad flew out of my hand and hit the top corner of the ceiling the furthest away from us. Glad it wasn’t my head.

If it wasn’t for him, I don’t think I would have made it to black belt.

Occasionally he and Master Worsfold used to randomly do Morecambe & Wise impressions using back kicks. 

The beginning of an end of a phase and beginning of another phase. I will miss him. 

Interesting Brits in Russia

Attended part of a very well organised Russian Heritage conference yesterday at Rossotrudnichestvo Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Kensington.

Several presentations in Russian where not able to follow yet but they had slides / artefacts. Have taken notes and will publish when I’ve had a chance to research further. Full details of the conference to follow but snapshots from Russian Heritage UK twitter so far.

The presentations in English included

1. Lady Sybil Grey who set up a red cross hospital in St Petersburg, Russia 1916-18 and also a field hospital in front line. She had no prior Russian skills but set off to Russia aged 33 and established the hospital. She recorded impressions in letters sent back home both of the hospital, Russia and the days of revolution. There’s a Rasputin murder connection but you can buy the book to find out more. 

She treated mostly wounded Russian soldiers (not officers). She thought that she would be a revolutionary had she taken part from seeing the food shortages and suffering at first hand.

2. Daniel Wheeler a Quaker who lived in Russia. Tsar Alexander I had heard of quaker farming and asked the Quaker movement for a representative to come to St Petersburg to plan & assist with draining the marshlands. They have found gravestones intact for the Wheeler family just south of St Petersburg which have survived everything. 

Taekwondo colour belt grading

Returned to taekwondo training today albeit with back not 100% but ok enough to train. We have regular Saturday junior class, senior class the grading shortly after that. This gives everyone extra practice before their grading so thankfully a somewhat lighter than normal session.

At one point we were in hogu (chest armour) and shinpads and practiced a shin kick then grab. Apparently this is also in judo – I was with an ex judo practitioner and he could kick my shin, grab outside of arm, hold and then do a throw (he didn’t do full throw – just partial takedown). I couldn’t quite replicate it due to lack of time but he had a much better understanding of balance & timing. A variation for taekwondo after the outside arm grab is follow up elbow strike or possibly chest/face kick but that’s probably too slow. The judo move was very effective though.

The president of our association was over from Korea so did the grading. I was on the judging table for first time ever (not as judge but as admin assistant really). Gradings are from junior to senior with most junior not requiring a pattern but have to demonstrate a range of blocks, kicks, punches and strikes. Everyone passed today but our president who is very down to earth,  gave them all a short talk about practicing more outside of class amd general discipline. He has trained several Olympic & world champions and he sees things in everyone from how they first come onto the mats until they leave.

One person double graded from white belt to yellow whom I’m thrilled about as he works really hard and has great temperament. His form has really improved in the last month. You particularly notice the difference in grades with side kicks which is one of the most difficult kicks and the strength / positioning changes somewhere further in. 

Although one of our white belts is already doing exceptionally good round house kicks and one of our yellow belts may make it into either the next British kyorugi or poomsae nationals if he carries on as he is. Possibly others too but his rate of improvement is more rapid.

I’ve made notes of the sequences so that I could run the grading next time if needed. Master Worsfold continues to do a phenomenonal job in spite of all the different Parkinson’s medications he is on and the effect on his brain – demonstrates excellent technique and notices very specific details in students –  a true inspiration!