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Gaza Wheelchair Karate female team

Via Electronic Intifada  

Preparing for speaking in front of a camera

Today, I have started to search for some resources that may help staff who have not presented a video before that includes their voice, face, body. These may supplement physical training. Collating a youtube playlist for speed for now, also at      

White washing of the depraved

Destruction of evidence in the most serious inquiry in the UK into violence against children, playing into the hands of technology companies who assist the depraved in many ways – connecting the depraved to other depraved to threaten, harass and more to witnesses and…

Mobile phone anatomy and chemistry – weekend reading

Chemistry Violent: Non violent and further references: Video Anatomy: Grandfather A little younger

“The role of the Supreme Court in turbulent times” inaugural Lord Toulson lecture at Surrey – notes

Lord Neuberger former President of the UK Supreme Court who retired in 2017 and presided over Miller vs Government in Article 50 case towards the end of a very distinguished career. I don’t know if lecture recorded but will share link if / when….

Briefing paper: Legal Analysis of the Strasbourg Deal of March 11 2019

Organic food vs non-organic food

I moved to organic boxes for a few months but temporarily stopping due to work related circumstances and not getting through the contents in time. I used Riverford who have a supplier in my area so the produce comes from several local counties, the…