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Using RSS and Twitter to highlight Russian climate scientists research

One of the earliest international Russian climatologists was Mikhail Ivanovich Budyko who started studying climate science in 1942, the WMO claim that he was the first to warn the humankind of the unavoidable nature of global climate change resulting from industrial activities. Mikhail Budyko‚Äôs…

Calling Russia evil for not welcoming the 1.5C report is pointless and uninformed, this is why

Barents Observer post about Russian exploration of Arctic. From my nice relatively uninformed cosy British seat this looks terrible environmentally whilst on the other side – if they don’t do it, someone else will which is equally terrible and even worse from an…

Exploring the Arctic – British perspectives

Nick Drake shares poetry and Professor Peter Wadhams who has led over 40 polar expeditions explain melting ice caused by climate change