The personal blog of Nicola Avery, trying to be a martial artist, currently working at University of Surrey.

Please note that no current capacity for new project work.

I’m a trained 1 Dan British level 2 Taekwondo WTF instructor but coach only as relief instructor when needed due to existing commitments.

I am studying Environmemt & Science with Open University leading to equivalent of first year of BSc.

I am also continuing to learn Russian slowly.

I currently work as a volunteer for a local food bank and local food float market stall.

In March 2019 I will begin local eco-volunteering on river restoration and stream biological testing.

I volunteered last summer with Great Baikal Trail in Siberia, on a stream restoration project on Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal.

Projects page list current and past project work.

I am opinionated and have previously volunteered as an agent for an MP candidate in West Oxfordshire. I occasionally flee to help with a community lavender project in Carshalton.

I write about non martial art related stuff too. If it appeals a) follow & b) talk

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  1. So I’m sure you are finding that Russia is not the evil empire. I’ve been living here in Russia now for almost 5 years and have found it to be quite the opposite. If anything it’s the other way around, the US government being the hegemony of the world, something Russia know very well from it’s past. I hope you enjoyed visiting “Life in Russia”, good luck with your blogging.

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