• Stitching test of InstaPro
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This is another extract which is not relevant to the final output, just a test of stitching wiht the InstaPro Stitcher software.

I think the noise is the camera fan and not the turntable in the chamber (you can turn off the camera fan for up to 15 mins recording). It was useful to do without a microphone and keep fan on to understand the functionality. I’m double checking about the anechoic chamber properties but we will probably put a line in or record the audio separately for this particular one which was expected.

It took me ages to figure out what the white was in monoscopic then I realised it’s the polystyrene temporarily used to balance the camera on. It was easy to change to stereoscopic output in the stitcher with the right/left on top means as above in the video graphic with the one eye being the top half of the video graphic preview frame and the other is the bottom.

So in theory you can just set up the camera, press record and nothing else (unless you’re using/setting up the app etc), import into the stitcher, change a few settings and it will stitch and you will have a good, clear output – even if it’s all black with limited light!

The stitched mp4 file is a 7GB file for 3:59 mins recording (expected 1-2GB per minute based on Vuze+ experience) and took about 4 hours on my computer for a 4K 60fps output on medium processing setting. A lot more to learn but we’ve moved to an output from the first test recording without too much difficulty.