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Not heading back into this area in fact I’m dropping a number of feeds but it’s very rare to read articles like this, in fact I’ve never read one before with these views outlined. I agree with practically everything in the article. Ivan writes about the potential of changes of alliances and the consequences with the anniversary on 23rd August of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and the increasingly far right politicians aka just very wealthy people with no interest in sharing, social causes, equality, environmental challenges and just how to continuous manipulate financial markets in the short term for their own and their friends, families’ financial gain.

I’ve only discovered the website via this article today and many independent sites are extremely unsympathetic to Russian perspectives e.g. EU Observer, or somewhat closet white supremacist such as New Eastern Outlook, or openly like Russia Insider. In fact every site that publishes something about Russia mostly appears to be written with Russophobic to the point of destroying the country at one end or closet white supremacist at views at the other end who follow Goebbels instructions to the letter but less obviously advocating for a similar outcome to the Russophobic views.

So it’s a nice change to read something more balanced and as there are no longer any clear differences between far left and far right, it is very timely.

Very interesting: