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The InstaPro has a steeper learning curve than the Vuze+  but I will be creating some instructional /training material for staff who want to use and doing basic demos etc. We are not using the full functionallity for this first video but some of the reasons for purchasing this camera were to allow a range of scenarios, it has excellent stitching capabilities, gyroscopic stabilisation and at the other end – capture as slow motion, audio line in, capture up to 8K etc which should make it useful for at least a couple of years. Our dept of music and media also have one so we can ask them questions if needed, CVSSP and other departments have a range of 360 cameras but not this one so we can use this opportunity to share experiences and ideas in our SIG.

We wanted to create a video inside an anechoic chamber but also have views round to the analysers and software whilst inside the chamber to check the results in real time. The anechoic chamber can only fit a few students in at one time and when there is a limited amount of time to spend on the overview session (this happens once a year), it is not ideal for larger groups. We may not use the footage from today as this was a first test but the final video will allow students to also view it in VR – we are capturing in 3D 360.

The camera

It needs a memory card that has a V30 mark or it will not allow recording – which I didn’t realise beforehand, but they are not that expensive. The recommended one is in their online manual – I recommend reading the manual before purchasing. https://onlinemanual.insta360.com/pro1/en-us/basic/prepare/3

Other consideration (especially for livestreaming) where you want a good preview and view in real time, as 360 cameras do not have viewfinders, they have ways where you can connect to apps / software to get this view. For an ethernet connection (which we would want particularly for livestream) you need to be able to modify IP addresses – so for our Surrey networked laptops etc this is not possible. The mobile app works fine on my Xperia 360 via a hotspot connection but you need to set it up first – instructions in the online manual

screenshot of insta360 mobile app connected to camera

We found a minimum 1 second delay – sometimes longer

A good overview of the camera by Immersive Shooter:

An example of the 360 captured content from earlier (unstitched, unedited)