• Siberian tragedies
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The extreme wickedness of using these tragedies for political and financial gain by offering conditional help, sanctions and nuclear war.

The extreme wickedness of others unwilling to offer international help despite their wealth and resources immediately available to save even one more life.

In the UK we have these tragedies on a micro scale too. We have floods, we have wildfires and major risk of more.

Siberian losses are our losses, we share their tears whether wet or dry. We can’t bring back the already dead, but hopefully this beautiful garden will regrow with species regenerating, homes rebuilt and sustainable resilience to anthropogenic activities.

If I can afford it and time permits, will  go out in February next year but will see if any volunteering assistance is useful in other ways.

If anyone hears of any volunteering projects related to floods or wildfires, I would be grateful if you could let me know.