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Continuing a shorter journey of assumptions. First reactions I saw were a tweet referring to a climate hoax story from 2011 on a far right site that the Russian President has fallen for (can’t find tweet now)


And this morning:

So in a hypothetical world where anything is possible:

1. The president’s spokesperson has previously said that the Russian president reads widely across the internet/web.

So he read a story in 2011 about worms/soil and wind turbines on a far right website and agreed with it.


2. One of his advisors did but presented it as fact.


3. He is trying to cast doubt on wind turbines in the same week that Donald Trump is or vice versa as part of a synchronised output into the media. Or to create a distraction from other news.


4. Russia with its land mass has a lot of soil and a lot of different types. Some of the international developments in soil science have originated from research in former Soviet Union including Russia for well over century or more. So Russian formerly Soviet Academy of Sciences has a lot of soil research. So there may actually be research into worms but only in Russiann language.


5. During presidential visits around Russia or in presidential domestic meetings there are anecdotal reports concerning worm behaviour and wind turbines which whilst relatively new and not used widely, they are developing turbines jointly with other countries so anecdotal reports emerge that way.

Or other assumptions but if your main source of Russia info is via publications like The Moscow Times then in times of social media you might not look at any further sources and so opinions are formed.

I won’t do this again – time to leave it to better hands that will be starting in October or January.