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As previously mentioned, the majority of the world’s population have no clue what happened in Salisbury last year, other than the claim that 2 people matching the description of Sergei Skripal and daughter were apparently behaving strangely on a bench in a park then apparently taken to hospital which was claimed to be some kind of nerve agent. That is it. Nothing else is known.

Several people have investigated in detail which led to uncovering the Foreign Office funded Integrity Initiative who have funded or invited Guardian ‘journalists’ and independent actors to produce visual material in support of the claims made by the Conservative party. We have no idea if any of these actors have security clearance or are just passed some information and instructed to publish it in some format concurrently.

So we don’t know if there was international security activity happening in Salisbury but we do know there were several MOD and Navy training exercises immediately before the so-called incident.

We don’t know if either of the billionaire US presidential candidates planned this activity in advance by collaboration with private actors.

We don’t know if Russia was involved in any international security activity over this period in spite of being presented with all kinds of accusations.

We don’t know if mafia from any country operate in Salisbury with or without consent of UK military and security actors.

We don’t know if Interpol involved prior to the so-called incident.

We know nearly nothing about Skripal. Mark Urban claims to and is making money from his apparent close relationship with him. So are many others making non-stop allegations.

We are not cyber forensic specialists so we don’t know if any of the allegations relating to Russia, Assange, DNC hack etc are true and we have no reason to believe the allegations from either presidential candidates.

We may watch tv but we are not detectives or forensic specialists so most of us would be just guessing and easily subject to manipulation.

And we still don’t have anything remotely close to a motive for the Russian government to be involved.

We know that far right actors are wealthy, probably funded through illegal activities and can threaten security and policing services. We also know some of these also support the ideals of the far right. We also know the same about the military and the far right.

But we really don’t know more than that about Salisbury.

But those of us who believe in positive relationship with Russia, Turkey and pursuing an improved EU will help to make the world a better place, however tiny actions we can take.