Perspectives from UK and Russia of World War 2 leading up to #DDay

The audio clips are via UK National Archives. Most embedded video clips are under 6 minutes

WW1 – 1938:

How Europe went to war:

Military parade in Red Square, Moscow, 1938

soldiers on bicycles with dogs

1939 – 1941:

Western Europe

Eastern Europe

100 million Soviet women


Beginnings of Holocaust round up and mass exterminations in Soviet Union:


Arctic Convoys

UK providing military assistance to Russia and Soviet Union via extremely hazardous journeys across the Arctic:


Forced labour in Berlin:

1942 – 1945

Western Europe

Eastern Europe

1942 – Peter Ustinov discussing the film he co-directed and starred in ‘The New Lot’ prepared as official training Army film to boost morale of recruits when conscription extended to older and younger men:

Audio – Peter starts talking at approx 6:00 mins:

Remembering the Soviet Union’s sacrifice:

German veteran talks about the war:

Female Russian veteran from Stalingrad talks about the Germans

Eastern front 1943 -1944:




Commandos and Canadian troops in action:

Scenes in the Normandy beach head:

Nato joins troops in Russia for Victory Day (9th May in Russia):

How Russians commemorate relatives who fought in World War 2:

Soviet War Memorial Trust and War Memorial in Southwark, London