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Education theories and practice

As part of preparation and practice for a Higher Education fellowship application later this year, I am planning several small sessions,in addition to any other workshops that I will be delivering which will probably include

  • mentoring and delivering a series of short tutorials for staff preparing for teaching with a group presentation about their educational beliefs, values and practices
  • a series of workshops or seminar on virtual and augmented reality in education (in preparation for projects which staff want to start in 19/20)
  • a series of tutorials about learning from captured/digital/rich media content as a student or member of staff

I am also attending internal CPD sessions organised by our department of higher education so will add these two – they are currently on an internal portfolio.

So there will be a number of education related blog posts over the next month and probably no fighting ones – quick update – I trained the last two Saturdays but still recovering from injuries. Master Hobbs has now taken over AWTC Taekwondo Surrey from Master Worsfold, I hope to continue with some ITF and then probably rejoin AWTC on a more regular basis July onwards. Master Hobbs has won several British Nationals in a row, fought internationally for England and trained with Grandmasters in Korea / elsewhere so it is great that he has decided to take this on.