Without borders

After three years of hate being perpetually spread by Brexit, the US election and across Europe, with the upcoming European elections, it’s useful to be reminded of where many decent people devout hours of their lives to help people in another country. Their organisations aren’t faultless and often have a western dominated views but they can still inspire.

Professors and lecturers without borders:http://www.prowibo.com/announcing-new-partnership-with-lecturers-without-borders-scied-network/

Who knew – there’s bees without borders, clowns without borders and many more

http://self.gutenberg.org/articles/list_of_without_borders_organizations, or

We don’t need politics based on military fantasies,or constantly appeasing the City of London, Wall Street, Washington, Asian and African billionaires. Or closet fascists caressing the cheek of of peace whilst the other hand is wrapped firmly around the waist of hatred of people and the environment.

Frances Crook leaving the labour party after 40 years is yet another sign that will no doubt be ignored by the power mad.

I’m 99.9% voting with whatever Remain Voter recommend if I can stomach it: https://www.remainvoter.com/

Love, care, compassion are beyond politics and without borders.