• F-Secure labs report on far-right involvement in Brexit using twitter in the last three months
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It’s a good report and you don’t have to be super techy to get the gist of it
It shows pro Trump and the European far right retweeting pro-leave tweets. It shows how several accounts have managed to get thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers then retweet at different times of day. Whilst anyone can schedule tweets for when they are not around, some of these accounts retweeting many times between 1-30 seconds.
The authors point out the report limitations and how difficult to get long term patterns from twitter data, but is a source of evidence of a co-ordinated manipulation.
4 questions:
1. Where was the analysis for e.g. anti-Russian tweets circulating the WADA investigation, Skripal, pro Clinton, suspicious automated activity?
As I have said previously, I observed multiple tweets over seconds throughout the day – from May 2016 until now and no doubt future.
2. F-Secure have criticised attempts for US & Russia to have joint work on these kinds of activities. I completely agree that Trump would use this entirely for the benefits it would bring to himself, his family, his friends and far right around the world, especially in Europe right now.
The rest of us don’t have time to do what F-Secure do, so how are they expecting us to have a balanced objective view if they don’t find a way of co-operating and sharing data with some official Russian authority?
3. Or Chinese or any other country that isn’t subservient to Silicon Valley technologies designed to benefit US intelligence?
4. If Trump is impeached and wasn’t replaced by another right wing candidate, would F-Secure be more likely to find a way of working jointly with equivalent Russian partner in some shape or form?

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