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After finishing this module in June, I will write about this and links with environmental and public health. Whilst mercury usage can be politicised, there is a lot about it where maybe scientific then clinical solutions could help a lot of existing people and their future offspring. Anyone know any Russian chemists or other countries’ magicians that can convert mercury in oxygen or water as it makes contact?
e.g. haven’t read this yet but took five seconds to find:
and there must be something on the periodic table:

1. Mendeleev D (1869), photograph of original drawing at Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg, Russia added by Finot C (2011) available online at https://commons.wikimedia.orwiki/File:Saint-Petersburg_-_Mendeleevsky_center_-_Periodic_table_1.JPG, licenced as per below.
2.Nergal (2008) Radioactive elements, available online at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Periodic_Table_by_Radioactivity.PNG, licenced as per below

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