Environment course update (and weekend tv)

We are over half-way. It’s a good course, well administered. The modules are a mix of textbooks, online activities and regional face-face tutorials every six weeks. When you’re wandering around on your own for several weeks, I’ve found the tutorials essential for bringing things together or understanding what I have / haven’t thought through properly.

We finished Arctic then the Nile and now onto Amazon until end of March then China then urban. Human and environmental conflicts and impacts are explored in more detail e.g. with the Nile, multi-riparian stakeholder decision making across several countries and this continues with the Amazon. Due to volume of study required won’t go into detail of these right now.

There have been some great series on both BBC and ITV looking at some of the history and health of the large rivers of the world. There’s also great video resources on YouTube about history, scientific field research, biodiversity, geology e.g.

Am looking at Amazon biodiversity right now

4 Comments on “Environment course update (and weekend tv)

  1. Interesting, particularly in a country like ours where very few rivers take their jobs of being one seriously. Most of what we call rivers are nothing more than streams.


    • I don’t know about South Africa’s rivers but have been reading some of the water shortages news. I guess some private owners take more than they are supposed from the river tables if it’s like other countries

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