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In the process of setting this up. When I was last at Surrey it was when virtual worlds and open source 3D design was ascending a Gartner peak in learning technology usage.
It’s not so different now. The introduction of linked headsets, apps and gaming ideas are not yet at the same peak but growing. This was evident at Learning Technologies exhibition yesterday where there were a few VR/AR content creation and management systems starting to appear – aiming at larger companies who don’t have time and resource to develop and/or manage internally. The exhibition and conference are really aimed at private sector who want to buy in solutions, content authoring and still has a lot of companies who are digital agencies doing content creation rather than coming from education. VR / 360 content development is pitched under immersive training / learning umbrella often bundled into a content management system, although some are producing some content for universities.

Our network will meet for first time before June and will post updates on anything of note as and when.

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