Unaffiliating from labour

Jeremy Corbyn finally showed some of his true colours last week promoting the corrupt predator Bill Gates and his corrupt empire. I don’t know why he had been hiding it in plain sight for so long.

As I’ve said so many times once I extracted myself from the connectivist cult, the real fight in this world is against the supporters of and the actual military technology companies from Silicon Valley who prop up corrupt governments, support fascism in any form, constantly data rape people without consent and lie about it. All so a bunch of algorithms written by the worst humans in the world can make a better place – NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!

Brexit has shown up the self interest of MPs on all sides. Parliament does not work as any kind of useful entity, nothing happens to technology companies and the people who spend their lives lying to get funding and positions in every political party and government.

I won’t support them. Labour won’t miss my vote as they wouldn’t get in where I am. No one in their right mind would vote Conservative, Lib Dem or any right wing party, the Greens are self promoting Russia haters so unless there is an interesting independent with actual values that hold up when they have some power….

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