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For the sake of the country, Boris Johnson should resign from politics and go and run a West End Theatre. he has the charisma, he can lie on stage and he will be (eventually) adored for it if successful. Sadly I think the wealth and power he could accumulate through this would not be enough for him.
His latest batch of lies (alongside the ex, current and future Conservative continuous lies) were about Turkey joining the EU and apparently a huge influx of people from Turkey if we stay in the EU. I have heard this since I lived in Turkey in the late 1990s including from Conservatives (they were mostly the only ones who came to Turkey then on holiday).
Of course there will be a small minority who would consider this option but citizens of many different backgrounds in Turkey have been migrating and working throughout Europe for centuries. Not all of them chose to move to the UK. My ex father-in-law spoke a little bit of German and lived / worked in Germany for a while but his life and heart was firmly in Turkey.
Ok I have not been to Turkey for several years now but what makes my fellow citizens think because of the current president that there will be a mass migration appears to be based on rumour and rhetoric. If Erdogan really believes he is an Ottoman emperor he won’t be allowing his fellow Ottoman citizens to depart en masse and form their own competing empires elsewhere. And if he is not and they want to leave, why wouldn’t they head east anyway – more money and tea without milk in it 😉
Turkey is a beautiful country with millions of warm friendly citizens, amazing history, culture, agriculture, natural environment, commercial opportunities and crazy taxi drivers. It may just be possible (based on the mass purchase of lands and homes during the 2000s) that people from the UK like living in Turkey too.


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