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One of the earliest international Russian climatologists was Mikhail Ivanovich Budyko who started studying climate science in 1942, the WMO claim that

he was the first to warn the humankind of the unavoidable nature of global climate change resulting from industrial activities. Mikhail Budyko’s 1972 quantitative forecast of average global air temperature increase resulting from rising levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere proved to be highly accurate at the end of the XX century 1

I spoke with a Russian colleague at another UK university about a small experiment to join the overall climate scientists twitter list set up by Katherine Hayhoe. I had initially contacted Katherine Hayhoe via twitter because she didn’t have climate scientists in Russia on the list and was interested.
This experiment is primarily to highlight research news from Russian climate scientists without them all needing to set up and use individual twitter accounts. Whilst climate change is not my special environmental interest area, I do feel strongly about trying to help others join any discussions – especially when a social network is used but there are no representatives from the Russian academic scientific community who are carrying out their research in Russia.
This will never be a big activity even if we continue after an experiment as climate scientists do speak to each other very effectively through their own international informal networks but this is another public outlet which may produce some interactions or scientists finding some researchers that they may not come across elsewhere. Especially yet to be published ones from any country. Or interested members of the public.
I have now learnt from being part of the DICATS committee experience that starting very small would have been better not least because of academic staff increasing workloads. I know of one climate scientist in Russia who may be interested and my colleague knows of others. So we may start with about four climate scientists from both social and physical sciences.
If they do want to go ahead we will test reaction and interaction with the twitter account: https://twitter.com/russianclimsci
Probably over a month. We will discuss whether to connect latest research news or discussions onto a site that offers an RSS feed. I have set up a quick demonstration: https://russiaclimate.science.blog/
I will initially use Rssground to auto publish to twitter and see how that works out, you get once every 24 hours with a free account and this worked fine posting with cyrillic characters from a test post on my blog earlier day.
Creating a bot which could create or translate posts would be interesting but would be a large project that I don’t currently have time to either write a bid for funding, source another way and adapt but if anyone is interested, please contact me.

1. World Meteorological Organisation (2018) Mikhail Ivanovich Budyko available at: https://public.wmo.int/en/about-us/awards/international-meteorological-organization-imo-prize/mikhail-ivanovich-budyko

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