Month: Dec 2018

Transboundary groundwater and Palestinian extinction

Fadia Daibes-Murad used to be the legal expert for the Palestinian Water Authority. She was also a humanitarian Edberg award winning researcher writing about international water laws. She was killed in a car crash in Palestine which some people believe was a murder. Based…

So why not try eating compost – the healthy medieval diet

If you’re stuck for ideas, why not try compost, it’s vegetarian – am going with non alcoholic version:

Calling Russia evil for not welcoming the 1.5C report is pointless and uninformed, this is why

Barents Observer post about Russian exploration of Arctic. From my nice relatively uninformed cosy British seat this looks terrible environmentally whilst on the other side – if they don’t do it, someone else will which is equally terrible and even worse from an…

Polar Museum in St Petersburg

For Arctic part of course attempting (and failing) to keep up with COP24. Went to new Polar Worlds gallery at Maritime Museum – from 1953, it includes an Arctic Survival guide (like SAS and other ones) and apparently includes “the best faces to pull…

2018 from a tiny island

It’s 2018 and apparently it’s ok to fund lies to smear another country but if it’s smearing our own then it’s a massive problem.

Exploring the Arctic – British perspectives

Nick Drake shares poetry and Professor Peter Wadhams who has led over 40 polar expeditions explain melting ice caused by climate change

Sustainable and urban living research at Surrey University

Students presented from UG research projects and staff also presented where they received internal funding for a project or to go and present internationally. A big theme are their multidisciplinary research collaborations including across different sustainability themes. I learnt what a vortex generator is…