Fossil fuel extraction near my house

There’s been a series of 12 earthquakes near and in my town between April and August where previously there were none for around fifty years. I don’t know enough details yet and there are several judicial processes about fracking raised by local communities here, one of which has produced an official British Geological Society monitoring station. This has obvious parallels with Lancashire’s multiple earthquakes at the moment. There is also separate oil drilling underway nearby in a tiny area and also under investigation. It is a case of wealthy people eating other wealthy people into their mutual destruction as many of them have houses, businesses and land in our region.
I am interested in the water aspects i.e. where fossil fuel extraction affects aquifers etc but will write more in the longer term. Our next module block is the Arctic – what people think it is and what is happening there. Individual countries are not covered in detail but there is a section on ownership and usage of resources later in December.
I have also been trying to find Russian climate scientists (not for this) but to join a twitter community of nearly 2k accounts (none of whom are based in Russia). Separate twitter accounts and writing in English not required. If there is interest I may be able to put up a rolling automatic twitter feed from one account which could link to the existing twitter list. Or whatever is considered to be useful.
How useful it would be on both sides – who knows but to try and set up an international social media network without input from Russia as it happens in Russia will severely limit the scientific thinking and result in yet another binary echo chamber.

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