Carbon Footprint calculations 2/2 UK public transport

I looked at flights then also how to get to airport, whether public transport or taxi better for 30 mile/48 kilometre trip, according to mix of calculator and distances via

Rail only to airport – approx 4.5 kg

Bus – London area – approx 4.3 kg

Bus – outside London area 7.7 kg

Taxi (petrol) car – 7.6 kg

Taxi (diesel) car 6.9 kg

Taxi share (driver and myself petrol) 3.8 kg

Taxi share (diesel) 3.5 kg

Of course bus & train accommodates more people on one route. Many buses in London now hybrid so calculators will need to be updated.

Current commute (rail&bus) approx 2,079 kg per year

Future commute (shorter distance, rail only) 785.4 kg per year

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