Carbon Footprint calculations post 1 of 2

We are doing several for our course at the moment, there is an in-course calculator, also NEF UK example, but for outside UK, can use the Carbon Footprint.There are limitations with calculators, at the moment the recommended UK CF is 14.2 / 14.6 depending on where you source the data. Having said that I think I’m pretty environmentally friendly – I don’t own a car, I walk loads, buy quite a lot of recycled products including a laptop for first time this year, don’t spend that long in the shower, don’t have a massive living space, have moved into an environmentally friendly house, don’t have children but no – due to flights to Russia and my commute I am way over the national average! However business travel is not included in this calculator and energy usage to kilowatts is not specified.

Sulking aside, I am changing my commute soon and can do other things such as tweaking some eating habits, buying more not likely to change over next couple of years – I don’t think personally that cycling to Russia is an option to fit in with work unless I can find a way of cycling in the air (ET?). So should be able to reach new target. Next post will be brief breakdown of calculating public transport options (UK) based on living 30 miles / 48 kilometres or nearer to London. The Centre for Alternative Technology have a new Zero Carbon report (not read it yet).

Summary page of Carbon Footprint calculator


Target Summary page of Carbon Footprint calculator

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