Carbon dioxide extraction costs

Since 2013 the estimate of tonnes of carbon dioxide being added to the atmosphere is between 36 – 40 billion tonnes per year.

With an average of 33 billion tonnes per year – there are different companies who have engineered solutions to extract tonnes of carbon dioxide. Different solutions can vary between $90 per tonne to around $600 per tonne.

In total the cost would be

$19.8 trillion with a $600 cost per tonne (and not including data about whether the extraction causes any additional carbon dioxide to return again to the atmosphere – I don’t know enough yet)

For UK/US – trillion represented with short scale:


For Europe and I don’t know where else with long scale:


For $100 cost it’s $3.3 trillion i.e.

$3,300,000,000,000 or


We are covering maths and science notation to represent this as e.g n=10^n

A lot of whatever currency anyway. And based on the rates of warming and many other factors – how much does the planet need up there and how much will undo existing damage on a yearly average.

Will no doubt be returning to this soon.

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