experimenting with subtitles for short videos

Various small video projects on the go at the moment including a non-work one where we have English subtitles from a Russian video. With the help of a friend, we’ve completed the translation and now deciding which options to go for. We haven’t found a Russian only speech to text that would do this quickly, to be honest we haven’t really looked and this is not a major issue for now as all videos under 5 mins and not continuous speech.

Subtitle horse is an option now we have the translation, also you can write directly into youtube if uploaded there. With a translated video, there are placement considerations for subtitles and renamed captions and whether they should be in lower thirds or not, with a potentially a lot of visual clutter especially if using a mobile device. I would use both of these especially with subtitle horse where you can use video from different URLs such as Vimeo videos etc. A lot to still play with.

screenshot of youtube editing options for subtitles screenshot of subtitle horse editing options











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