Month: Oct 2018

Latin America bureau library

Not blogging about Latin America again but the library I mentioned where I did my dissertation apparently no longer exists as a physical library in London. They are digitising their content and will be available through their site:

Climate Change – a defining challenge for 21st century by Dame Julia Slingo at Gresham College

A fantastic British scientist explains from her many years of experience at our national Meteorological Office about climate change – even I could understand most of this:

Europe for the many conference yesterday

My positions are unchanged – I voted remain, I would vote remain again. The EU would better with stronger relationships (and membership if wanted on both sides) with Turkey and Russia. It was heartening to see German, French, Russian and Turkish leaders all in…

The virtual realities of virtual reality are inadequate

There is physical reality – what you see and hear (for now these are the two that technologies trying to imitate) There is the photo and camera lies (see David Hockney) about a viewed experience. There is also the ability to lie in 360…

Lavender is relaxing (yes, really)

3 articles 1. Lavender’s genome has been sequenced. I am going to check this out with our lavender wizard next weekend but they think they know what is ideal in a lavender oil “The quality of lavender’s essential oils greatly depends on the characteristic…

Autumn at Denbies and nearby

Beautiful sunshine lighting up the stunning scenery:

Carbon dioxide extraction costs

Since 2013 the estimate of tonnes of carbon dioxide being added to the atmosphere is between 36 – 40 billion tonnes per year. With an average of 33 billion tonnes per year – there are different companies who have engineered solutions to extract tonnes…