DICATs and Russia hive site

We had a great online meeting this week and it looks like we will have a Russia hive site for 2 of the 24 hours. Unfortunately we coincide with Mens Day on 23rd Feb 2019 which is something to bear in mind for future planning of events – national days and festivals in whatever country.

Venues are being investigated and each hive site faces a number of technology hurdles to overcome.

We created the Russian version of the call for proposals initially using Yandex then a friend did grammar corrections and general proofreading.

I will also be using Yandex for subtitling any video presentations then getting more formal help although our organiser in Moscow is also investigating at their end.

Don’t know yet if will convert video as mp4 to audio then speech to text of mp3 or just subtitle and caption directly viewing the video, probably the latter due to expense of speech to text tools, will check out Russian tools too for future ones.

Even if venue wasn’t possible there are a number of presenters who could present even if it’s not via the core stream, we will figure a way. All of us except the Drexel media magicians are in new technology territory.

So if you are in education and planning events, please don’t assume that it can’t be done. If you’re funded (unlike us) it will be even easier!

DICATs proposals deadline now middle of October https://dicats.org

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