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Craig Murray whose analysis is incredibly helpful called out the ongoing racism towards Russia and Russians in the light of new media attention.
I have yet to see any evidence presented of a nerve agent poisoning. Why so many Oxbridge graduates fail to describe Russia and Russians beyond the confines of Dostoyevsky or Tolstoy novels is really odd. As I haven’t read or watched films of them, my experience of Russia and Russians is based on actual interactions not fiction.
But if we’re going to write Russian fiction and call it a Salisbury poisoning then let’s set the scene – I’ve done previously in several posts but to sum up – policing and health services in Salisbury under extreme financial pressure and threatened with potential closure. Repeated unexplained changes of personnel in investigations into the behaviour of the Conservative party, also in Avon and Somerset and a new temporary Chief Constable in Wiltshire officially starting on 5th March after one who was also investigating Conservatives had stepped down. A dodgy ex official spy who works when the conditions are beneficial to him personally.
So about a week before the said poisoning – people who have expertise in making former KGB colonels appear out of nowhere, produce a Sergei Skripal who may or may not be this person. Who knows why. Who knew at that point that a BBC producer Mark Urban was also in close contact with him about a book. I guess it helps add to dramatic details or red herrings.
At the same time the new head of Avon and Somerset which has a recent turbulent history of changes of personnel at the top is moving into the new position with the pressure ss above.
A navy chemical training is nearing its end on Salisbury plain.
Then two people who apparently fit the description of Sergei Skripal and his daughter are reported as having been poisoned in Salisbury. Witnesses originally talk then disappear and some how the Salisbury illusion begins properly as the two people are taken to a hospital.
A nerve agent appears from somewhere or nowhere and is somehow attached to the two people who have been taken to hospital. No proof is given and the investigation already been managed by counter-terrorism. Local Salisbury residents report with symptoms to the hospital.
However a letter then appears in the Times which has the name of the hospital consultant treating peoole who said that three people being treated for severe poisoning but not caused by a nerve agent.
[I have now checked this letter with two former hospital consultants who believe that it does sound exactly like a letter a consultant would write and also that it is common when an incident occurs which is not easily explained, that people present themselves to hospital reporting symptoms]
There is no mention of the consultant or the letter in the mainstream media yet Salisbury residents are worried and likely Russian citizens in the UK who are hearing about unexplained attacks on Russians in the UK.
Well if you’ve spent years denigrating Russians and presenting only the views of a wealthy minority in the media, why would you care.
If you publicly laugh at the misfortunes of others in Parliament on a weekly basis, why would you care about Salisbury residents either.
Why would you also care about telling everyone in the world, the precise location and activity of some of our secure military facilities but I guess that’s a minor detail. They get a nice bit of funding anyway and so do Salisbury hospital.
So establish the evidence of this incident before adding more Russians to it or it is nothing but an illusion.
And as before, many can benefit from this alleged incident but who was most easily placed in the contexts surrounding it too – to carry it out – either an actual incident or an illusion.

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