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I met my landlord’s mum who has just come back from a trip to Russia and Mongolia. She loved both countries and said everyone was really warm and friendly. She enjoyed spending a night in a yurt.
There were a couple of yurts at a tepee village where I once spent bits of a summer, but I didn’t assemble one. Helped to put up a large tepee – getting the smoke flap right was more fiddly than the poles from what I very vaguely remember. I don’t remember any travellers or residents there from Asia except one Japanese man. Can’t remember if yurts mentioned in Origin of Tepees.
Another girl moving to China today from Mexico via London and has friends in south Russia and Mongolia. Her friends are looking forward to new train travel from Beijing to St Petersburg when train lines available.
Was talking with a friend about how in 50s – 70s, people used to travel to Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria then walk or hitch rest of the way. I had an uncle who biked (motor) to Asia around that time, no photos unfortunately. And one woman cycled to and around Asia on her 59th birthday in 1999/2000, she had only ridden 25 miles before. She has written a book, can’t remember details but will post if I find.

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