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I don’t share all the views of the Corbyn cabinet e.g. on the EU – UK relationship in a political sense but I would still vote for a labour government right now.
We need decent human beings with integrity and vision. Whilst many across all parties possess neither at Westminster, infected by the bacteria of greed of selfish interests; the Corbyn cabinet does show signs of listening and representing the needs of different people, the labour party movement has got a far broader understanding of EU interests and relationships than the other parties.
Corbyn has mentioned dialogue with Russia. The Green party do not have expertise and coherence about developing a sensible strategy for engaging in dialogue with Russia any more than far right parties like the Conservatives do.
A personal example – I talk with different people in the UK about various Russia exhibits, visits, books, articles I have read and upcoming visits too. Green party colleagues (with one exception in Leeds) start the usual ranting about Putin and quoting stuff from the mainstream media.
Labour left colleagues are interested in Russia itself, the history of the areas, the contexts surrounding political movements larger and smaller – and the conversation is not just more interesting but it’s a genuine exploration of different views.
I am not a member of the LP but I do think a government could be formed with the Corbyn cabinet that would be more pragmatic than now. And in spite of their Brexit position I think EU colleagues believe that they could work with a Corbyn government too.

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