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DICATS technology – I’m currently investigating transparent LEDs/LCDs.  I wrote about touch many times on previous blog so not again – better people have written and researched in depth. Considering various options for hive site/s. In the UK, for hire for example, there are transparent LEDs – good overview of LEDS & LCDs and a very simple intro to 3D holographic projection . Some suppliers provide film and other options for quickly modifying existing glass for holographic effect projections, dual image and cave projections and switchable glass. We will have a virtual reality 360 camera (Vuze+) available for testing whilst I’m away so we can work out angles and light reflection and whether its feasible.

At Roehampton one of our buildings is being redesigned (including co-design with students) to include a cinema and studios which will be mainly for use of our Media, Culture, Language students but it won’t be ready before the conference so it’s great to see what Drexel’s ACE Lab is up to.
Beyond DICATS…
As it’s the first attempt at this conference we will know by the end of October when submissions are due – whether we have a conference or not (!) And if we do, it has to all go well enough so that it can run in future years too. It doesn’t end there anyway, the art therapist lecturer I am working with specialises in new media and art therapy for research as well as teaching. When I go to Russia , she has asked me to discuss possibilities of working with Russian students/therapists either on a UK / Russian project and/or global project. As well as Tretyakov VR exhibition, hoping to get to Garage whilst I’m in Moscow as they also run art therapy courses there.
I hope to be exploring collaboration options with Roehampton for a future environmental / ecological / conservation project whilst I’m in Siberia. Even more everyone wants to come to Siberia 🙂
Attempting to follow Understanding Russians: Contexts of Intercultural Communication online course via Coursera (free/£), the lecturer is excellent. Although it’s focused at mostly US business audience, there are lots of UK / Russian examples too.
Still doing patterns but not really much else for now. Have a brick and will once again start in autumn and break it one way or another (perhaps bite into it). Ran the last training session this morning and I got nicely kicked and with power and control so definitely progress. Haven’t made it back to old club but will sort all things membership, insurance in September so that I can advertise properly for the autumn for staff again. I may possibly be involved with looking after any of our young fighters at the Kyorugi Nationals in October.

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