• DICATS REVOLive – Digital International Creative Arts Therapies Symposium – February 2019
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We are working with a great team at Drexel in the US and others will be handling the core management of the mixed reality 360 streaming including networked social media, virtual reality and other interactive technologies throughout the 24 hours of the symposium. The conference will not be hosted via the website, still in draft but mostly available: https://www.dicats.org
Call for proposals – including from non-professionals who have an interest in this area:
We will be passing a virtual baton around the world with each hive site live 360 streaming in mixed reality for 4 hours. We would love other countries would like to host a hive site  and will amend the timings accordingly. Attendees can take part in person, and/or augmented reality, virtual reality, via social media and via the conference online. As this is a creative group of professionals, the streaming will allow for live interactive digital arts making throughout to

  • Share digital/new media innovations and practices that have the potential to impact creative arts therapists and interrelated professions.
  • Showcase and test digital media community building possibilities through pre-recorded, live in-person and VR interactive activities.
  • Generate dialogue between arts therapists and those in adjacent research, educational and creative communities.
  • Generate content from which to develop an evidence-base for therapeutic digital media inclusion and further funding.
  • Generate networks and ideas to develop collaborations for research and reflective practices.
  • Showcase new digital media and arts technologies (technology companies with interest in this area welcome)

I am also exploring possibilities for collaboration with some great Russians or even a possible Russian speaking hive site at the moment. Hoping to visit the VR spaces at the Tretyakov if time permits at the end of August. It’s a lot of technologies at once and we haven’t streamed in 360 or VR before from Roehampton, but why not 🙂
I found this article useful for pointers on mixed realities, also BBC mixed reality R&D

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