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I met with Master Worsfold tonight who kindly shared some of his wisdom.
I suggested preparing to run ‘falling’ sessions with big padded mats. Falls are a very common injury and the psychological impact as part of the recovery takes its toll. I thought this would help with confidence as well as physically improve.
If I ran such sessions, I would have to take a morning from regular working day or similar.
Master Worsfold said that these sessions even with padded mats could still cause breaks and other injuries for those who have brittle bones.
He thought this was a longer term option and start with tai chi / yoga / pilates balance improvement which results in fall prevention and learn that until muscle memory ‘remembers’.
I would still like to give sessions from a martial arts perspective but as I have very little experience, would find suitable instructors. Will explore further with Master Worsfold in the early autumn.

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