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When I returned to it (Twitter) in more depth recently I have noticed that timeline is full of arms dealers and military adverts, Russophobia and Brexit or not.
The motivation for returning to twitter after NHS campainimg break was to try and provide a different perspective on Russia. For the last 2 years, nearly every day I have used twitter search with Russia as a keyword and another keyword e.g. health, cancer, environmental, ecological, nature, research, science. With a couple of exceptions this produces a non stop stream of vanity politicians, their supporters (paid for/not, human/bot) and their unsupporters tweeting about politics.
There are multiple bots tweeting and retweeting Russophobic comments all the time. Social media is not going to change the world – regardless of how many lies connectivists, pseudoscientists, technologists and investors in technology tell or the US/UK centric Russophobic Guardian newspaper, WIRED et al print their ideology sponsored words.
As I have said previously I joined twitter in 2007 (possibly 2006) before any of the connectivist airheads, political airheads and now increasingly supremacist airheads.
I don’t need to spend my time peering up inside the capitalist nether regions of US, UK or any other country’s faux democracy.
Will see how productive I get in the meantime. Will possibly join vKontakt at some point in next year but no rush.

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