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I asked for advice before this session as I have not done for some time and he recommended video – at end of this post. We did 3 basic types – falling backwards and rolling, falling forwards into roll and falling sidewards using pilates/yoga type mats. I did mostly on the grass. This isn’t recommendation – just what we did. I said that the reason we roll is a) to reduce the impact on the body when it suddenly touches the ground in this case and where possible b) to propel back up into fighting form. I was also given this advice:

The key is not to panic and not to hit the ground at 90 degrees. Core strength is also important. Be tense but not too tense.

Falling backwards
Started with rolling backwards on the mat.

  • For more experienced – start from sitting squat and roll back then fall back with arms pushing flat onto mat quite hard before any other part of the body
  • For less experienced lie back on mat, find balance where sacral bones meet the mat then roll back and try to propel forward.

Falling forwards
Initially kneel / on all fours on mat / ground. Lean forward, swing arm and tuck head into chest.

  • For more experienced – try forward roll with arm in as above. If uncomfortable, do full forward roll with both arms, starting from sitting squat or lower. I doubled up the mats and one person did who hadn’t done one for about 40 years !
    • An alternative is one I’ve seen for sambo – where you fall forward onto hands with legs apart so we did low experiment, but focus today was rolling.
  • For less experienced – just bend forward and practice tucking head into chest. Yoga helpful here as well too for the stances which are working towards headstands.

Falling sideways

  • For more experienced – as per falling backwards from sitting squat but with left or right arm down first then optional roll over or propel back up. We didn’t have much time for this
  • For less experienced – sit on mat and then roll back onto left or right arm and try to propel back up


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