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There is a UN Sustainable Development forum this week:

WHO’s vision 2030 for water supply and sanitation
UNESCO: http://whc.unesco.org/en/climatechange
IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: http://www.ipcc.ch/
Asean Cooperation on environment: http://environment.asean.org/about-asean-and-the-environment/
PEEX – Pan Eurasian Experiment: https://www.atm.helsinki.fi/peex/
Climate change in Russia: http://global-climate-change.ru/index.php/en
There was an OSCE project: https://www.osce.org/projects/climate-change-and-security
There is a coalition of some organisations in the UK http://climatemigration.org.uk/ and elsewhere but they have limited information about their sources of private funding.
For universities in the UK, there is also Natural Environment Research Council: https://nerc.ukri.org/ many UK universities have their own research departments or projects too (including Roehampton e.g. resilient ecosystems.
There is also the small Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales (started 1973) which is aimed at communities / members of the public https://content.cat.org.uk/index.php/about-cat-what-do-we-do
Unsurprisingly, I found a lot of links to climate change when browsing Russian universities e.g. a joint project with Russian and French scientists https://chrdk.ru/english/climate-change-greenland-and-yamal
Not specifically climate change but Water Engineering research (academic): http://www.lboro.ac.uk/research/wedc/

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