Snap kick and recoil

I have a new attendee at the staff sessions I’m running. They are an older adult with a fairly high fitness level and have dance and some basic body combat experience but also some back, hip, knee injuries. With the dance experience, they are able to naturally kick higher than average new student.
At one point, I was demonstrating the basic front snap kick and pointing out that we snap back kicks in taekwondo. I demonstrated grabbing and holding the leg by catching it with my hand before the recoil and was surprised that they actually fell on the ground backwards and I couldn’t catch them in time. That has never happened before when I’ve demonstrated, others in classes have wobbled but not gone right back over. With the summer weather the ground is quite hard at the moment, so good for demonstration but less good for the hips or attendee!
We spent a few minutes doing a balance & strength exercise – punching in horse riding stance. Will build in more of these – I showed them one of the options for falling backwards after the session.

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