Updates – various

Piano teaching – good, now starting to read sheet music without lettering. I skipped over various notation so will find a practice quiz. Once they are happy with reading, will also work on fingering.
Taekwondo – practice fight day this Sunday, will probably be there and hopefully with a student I’ve teaching.
Russian – starting to see daylight with two of cases, pronunciation still dire but will focus more on once sentence structure more solidly engrained.
Now going at end of Aug / early Sept. Lovely Siberian eco project for part of it. My niece has asked me if I’m a near a bear, can I take photo. I asked if a closeup of its teeth before it bites my head off would be ok? Apparently yes because bear less likely to eat phone so she will still be able to see photo.
Also doing a bushcraft refresher – don’t want to be thinking – now how do I do this again when I’m on cooking duty and everyone tired and hungry. Have previously made fires on wet stones by a river in South Wales, so hopefully it will come back….in an age of firelighters….
Have been recommended a new spine exercise. Lie flat on back on floor with knees up and feet on floor. Turn palms up and lie for half an hour. Still continuing with yoga and structural practice.

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