Web, video conferencing with interactive screen software

After hearing about the Microsoft Surface interaction last week at the NHS-HE forum I decided to play around with one of our portable whiteboards which we use in the labs.We managed a successful test. This means that students can interact with someone or something remotely in another location in real time whilst using the whiteboard for image, drawing, text etc

We couldn’t display a a web conferencing call with video by overlaying one window on top of the other but we tiled it with the whiteboard and you can easily use Alt+Tab buttons to switch between if needed full screen on either. I used mobile phone to check that video call was good enough and provided you have wifi or data connection it was fine. You could use Zoom, Skype or any other web conferencing that has video.

Tile both windows side by side by hovering your mouse down the vertical side of the whiteboard software and e.g. the web conferencing software. Drag them so they both display side by side. The chat window is optional – if you need more space on the whiteboard press X next to Conversation to close it

screenshot of tiled interactive software and web conferencing software

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