SEDA possible action plan

We had to write one for the portfolio, these are all going to be small projects if implemented.

Chatbots in education:
As an online learning specialist, I continue to investigate several aspects of blended learning. I am currently working with a researcher in Psychology to potentially pilot use of chatbot technologies and evaluate their effectiveness. Alongside this, we may be piloting within the Moodle support team, a Moodle chatbot that can answer student queries at the time and point of need which may help students around times when they need to study, but a traditional helpdesk may not available. We are analysing the queries from four years of call logs to build a conversation framework for a chatbot. [since writing this, they are developing a generic customer services bot for all of Roehampton support but we will monitor for usefulness]

Online Peer contributions and Online Assessment:
I will complete some additional research about student input into learning sessions outside of analytics, for example what students do if they feel that a lecturer is not making a topic clear enough or an assessment is not suitable enough. I will take this forward at both Life Sciences and Psychology Learning and Teaching Quality groups for further discussion.
We are currently reviewing in-class tests and exams using Moodle. We have discovered issues with provision of accessible formats and investigating options. We are in the process of setting up an accessibility and technologies working group within the university to address a number of issues and ensure that guidance is consistent. I attended an online assessment and digital exams conference and have written an online assessment project paper to initiate a project to investigate and develop online assessment and examinations including potential use of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) and remote examinations particularly for partnerships students. I will obtain feedback about whether use of a downloadable rubric library will be helpful for academic staff.

Digital Literacy & Multimedia:
Technology literacy sometimes called digital and data literacy continue to present challenges for especially mature learners. I will input into development of a digital literacy induction package for new and existing students at the university. National changes to disabilities services provision are continuing to impact students at Roehampton but involvement of students in any new projects will help ensure that we are being inclusive by design rather than reactive to challenges as they emerge. I am on a number of accessibility forums and regularly review software. If time permits, I will co-produce learning design guidelines in addition to Moodle templates. Psychology will be expanding a workshop I ran for students on creating multimedia podcasts and I will design and deliver a series of workshops for all undergraduate first year students. Use of Mac computers and video editing will be included to assist with technology and media literacies development.

We have portable interactive smartboards to be used in the labs so I will investigate use of web / video conferencing using the smartboard this summer.

Learning Technologies research projects:
I will research examples of what has worked – particularly for life sciences and psychology and Glion as these are the main areas that I support but I will ask other departments including Media, Culture, Language and Social Sciences for any projects they have tried or challenges they have faced including EU funded projects. I have released a first draft of a learning technologies journal and articles directory with an accompanying flow chart process to help academic staff complete learning technologies projects and submit journal articles, in addition to their current research interests.

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