The Skripal case and answers that probably won’t be found in interviews

I don’t believe that answers to whatever did or didn’t happen to the Skripals will be found by watching interviews with police, NHS staff or the Skripals – it is just the incessant media propaganda pushed by the government.

Some facts about the pressure being put on public services.

  1. Salisbury hospital, like every hospital in the country since the 2012 Health and Social Care Act, the appointments of Andrew Lansley, Jeremy Hunt, Simon Stevens and the stealing of NHS organisations by NHS procurement commissioning service that decided to rebrand as NHS England, is a hospital with large debts; (¬£12.5 million that is known about in Salisbury’s case) and has been subject to special financial measures reported in January 2018. It will probably disappear or get swallowed whole by an American healthcare provider in any case soon but January 2018 wasn’t such a very long time ago. With the outsourcing of hospital services to American soft and hard facilities management ever since the 80s but accelerated by greedy blue labour and the greedy Conservatives, the NHS has been shrinking to little more than a logo. NHS England and the totally unaccountable Clinical Commissioning Groups & support functions which are privatisation vehicles bringing in the plans for non NHS services in the form of totally unaccountable Sustainability and Transformation Plans instead of the accountable health authorities and community health councils which previously existed. The lack of accountability includes their representation in the media.
  2. Avon and Somerset police were ‘at tipping point’ due to funding cuts, reported last September 2017. This is not news to anyone who has even slight knowledge of the cuts that Theresa May made immediately after joining the Home Office and ever since.
  3. Avon and Somerset police have had some very interesting Chief Constables ever since the introduction of power mongering police commissioners instead of the accountable police authorities which previously existed. The new temporary Chief Constable officially began on the 5th March 2018

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