Trying Kaspersky

A government spying on me you say!

I have not used Kaspersky before and cynical about antivirus. I’ve downloaded the free app and will see. It has a mildy annoying little icon at top of screen but I have only started using for 10 mins and the top bar not overloaded now using socmed less. There’s quite a lot of functions in free version

Screenshot of reports

Screenshot of home screen menu

I will be changing phone soon though. I was interested not because of the noise from across the pond.

No, however deafening, I went to look at computer reviews and found internet nasties on some of the pages which had positive reviews of their products. Why would that happen, why would someone/entity do that? Maybe their products are actually good and a ‘competitor’ is throwing dung at them.

They are moving some infrastructure to Switzerland so will give them a try.

Several Russian tech products now, must diversify further though – maybe Afritech next.

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