And now for something completely different – May Day Festival at Roehampton

Whitelands is having it’s annual May day festival tomorrow which is very traditional. Students elect a King and Queen who get suitable robes made and it’s all good fun with returning May Monarchs from generations past. I’m not attending tomorrow but going to the Ruskin lecture this evening:

One of Ruskin’s Whitelands College May Queens: Her Personal Story”

Beate, who was May Queen in 1957, has had a life-long interest in Ruskin’s ideas. She will talk about her journey as a refugee from Nazi Germany, her memories of the day itself, and her reflections on the ways in which her election as the May Queen finally gave her a sense of acceptance and belonging in this country.

The testimony of a teacher who has followed the Festival for more than sixty years will give a uniquely personal insight into the strange tradition of Whitelands’ May Day, and inspire today’s students to appreciate how valuable this tradition is.

Whitelands history
Some pics:
Inner May Pole in the college
black and white photos of May MonarchsCollage of May Monarchs throughout the 2000s

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