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A colleague recently presented at an internal learning and teaching festival and we got lots of interest in use of chatbots. Internal experimentation over the next few months focused on customer services functions of chatbots e.g. as sources of information when asked questions. Moodle chatbot experimentation on hold because of wider integration of help functionality with other services. Roehampton have an existing public Roebot on https://www.roehampton.ac.uk/ at the bottom right-hand corner of page:
screenshot of roebot chat window
Students and staff can use a virtual librarian chatbot service:
screenshot of virtual librarian
For specific chatbots to enhance learning and teaching processes – beyond simple communication, we are currently exploring both dialogflow and botlibre. Over the summer we will be working with students who will be initially designing a bot to help with basic information sourcing (probably botlibre) but will use this to help understand more complex conversation structures (possibly dialogflow). This will have learning and teaching elements with the student involvement but for ethical approval timeframe reasons, we are not sure at this point whether they will be psychology research projects or mini learning and teaching projects or both. As per the learning and teaching research process, it may not be possible practically to find enough time. We aim to have a working infobot ideally by September but definitely by October.
Unfortunately still not possible to develop multilingual Russian/English chatbot building due to everything else but this may emerge as we develop the structures for the infobot and alternatives ways of saying things based on personal native language/s.
Here’s a banking Russian / English chatbot though: http://www.talkbank.io/en/

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