Month: May 2018

Visiting Russia this summer

Water sanitation stuff not progressing as quickly as expected so planning to go separately. Possibly some days on a non related uni project and spend three weeks, probably end of July or August More soon,

Through the eyes of couple of brilliantly talented football fans in Sochi, Russia

At Rossotrudnichestvo tonight, there is also a large exhibition in Sochi which is the artists’ home city.

Trying Kaspersky

A government spying on me you say! I have not used Kaspersky before and cynical about antivirus. I’ve downloaded the free app and will see. It has a mildy annoying little icon at top of screen but I have only started using for 10…

Piano – Greensleeves

Jumped around a bit today but focused on patterns with three fingers to help reinforce melody and fingering for chords. It’s sunny here and the fingering is light for this classic English song. We’re not interested in the lyrics and meaning, it’s a beautiful…

Transplanting Technology: Dr. Michael DeBakey and Cold War Technology Transfer

Originally posted on Circulating Now from NLM:
Heidi Morefield, MSc, will give the annual Michael E. DeBakey Lecture on May 24, 2018 at 2:00 ET in the Lister Hill Auditorium at the National Library of Medicine. Ms. Morefield is a doctoral candidate in the…

Book – Russia’s foreign policy – change and continuity in national identity, Andrei P Tsygankov

Just started to read – to try to understand promotion of Russia!s cultural identity in context of international relations – have borrowed from Roehampton uni library – this is 4th edition published 2015. More recent articles from Tsygankov:

#bruneldigitalexams – digital assessment – updated

Presentations now available online Will update & republish this post throughout today Brunel (use Blackboard) had HEFCE grant for evaluating pilot – using Uniwise (has open API, can integrate with Moodle): In Scandinavia, exams are any type of summative assessment, in UK, generally…