Month: May 2018

Matthew Caygill

Unlike companies from Silicon Valley, I think alternative left leaning views should not be censored and dropped from search results, particularly in an age of those career and vanity politiciansĀ  who live to hear and see themselves repeatedly broadcast or shared across social media….

The Skripal case and answers that probably won’t be found in interviews

I don’t believe that answers to whatever did or didn’t happen to the Skripals will be found by watching interviews with police, NHS staff or the Skripals – it is just the incessant media propaganda pushed by the government. Some facts about the pressure…

Some recent photos


I was walking back from gym to my office and a guy came towards me with huge smile on his face. “The swans have just had cygnets and I’ve seen them” How lovely. I didn’t see them but swan seemed comfortable on her nest:…

Visiting Russia this summer

Water sanitation stuff not progressing as quickly as expected so planning to go separately. Possibly some days on a non related uni project and spend three weeks, probably end of July or August More soon,

Through the eyes of couple of brilliantly talented football fans in Sochi, Russia

At Rossotrudnichestvo tonight, there is also a large exhibition in Sochi which is the artists’ home city.

Trying Kaspersky

A government spying on me you say! I have not used Kaspersky before and cynical about antivirus. I’ve downloaded the free app and will see. It has a mildy annoying little icon at top of screen but I have only started using for 10…