first drop of martial arts blood spilled

I managed to help a student spill their first drop of blood during taekwondo training, this morning. A proud moment, clearly working hard enough 😉

We were doing sets of double punches initially doing a push / shove against big kickshield and following up with double punch, then push kick against kickshield and follow up with double punch. Finally double uppercuts against a normal kickpad.

From next week until the end of June, will leave the kickshield for a while and probably use hogu/body armour weekly. People wander into the office and mention that they’ve seen us training but haven’t managed to actually get them out on the field at 8am. Probably expanding to Thursday & Friday mornings from next week onwards then if demand turns into reality and time permits  – a late afternoon session possibly as well. Some staff feel self-conscious with the possibility of sports sciences staff and students being around the vicinity so trying to find a time that suits for the first few sessions until that wears off.

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