Pint of Science – Roehampton Life Sciences in pubs in South West London 14 May

All London based events at:

Roehampton timetable

The Coat and Badge – Geronimo Inns 8 Lacy Rd, Putney, London, SW15 1NL

14th May
How to predict a person’s honesty using urine
15th May
Your brain likes champagne and this is why
16th May
Your body is a walking home of bacteria!
How to predict a person’s honesty from a urine sampleVolker BehrendsFood bioactives for heathy brain agingGiulia CoronaYou are mainly microbe…Meet your gut bacteria! – Adele Costabile
The Making of Mental DisorderJames DaviesUsing supercomputers to find a common link with addiction and neurological diseaseMichelle SahaiMetagenomic sequencing – the future is here! – Taichi Ochi

 Boma Bridge 4-6 Putney High St, London , SW15 1SL

14th May
Goats who stare at scientists
15th May
Yes, you. You are an ape didn’t you know it?
16th May
Biodiversity- why it is important to be different
Clever, emotional, perceptive: the life of a goat Alan McElligottPlanet of the apesTodd C. RaeWhat has biodiversity ever done for us?Julia Reiss and Dan Perkins
Why do we have friends?Harry MarshallHow genetics is revolutionising our view of the natural worldPeter Shaw 

 The Dynamo 200-204 Putney Bridge Road, London, SW15 2NA

14th May
Sugar in/Sugar out. Make up your mind
15th May
Here is why you cannot stand the heat!
16th May
Is fat that bad after all?
Is sugar the enemy?Richard MackenzieHow to beat the heatChris TylerStubborn tummies – are our Palaeolithic bodies stopping us getting beach body ready?Lewis Halsey
Fighting fat with fat; can “browning” keep us lean?Nicholas HurrenIf you can’t stand the heat, stop exercising!Steven TrangmarHow fatness became obesity which became a disease: the cultural roots of the fear of fatKirsten Bell

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