Kemerovo appeal and donating to Russian accounts

I have managed a successful donation and I have previously caused myself unnecessary problems with other donations elsewhere, so thought I’d explain. Russian account numbers are 20 digits long. You often see 2 x account numbers on appeals.

There’s a transit currency account where you donate in currency other than rubles.

There’s also a ruble account (RUB) which you can donate directly into, you can get charges from your UK bank but I haven’t found huge difference with amounts I’m donating.

You need the SWIFT code, bank address and you may need VO code – your bank may have or you can find online.

For example – this official Kemerovo appeal has been launched on which is going to Russian Red Cross relief effort there.

In English:

I also used for Russian Red Cross website as well. Not because I didn’t trust RT at all, just wanted to find out more about the organisation.

Russian Red Cross on Twitter (in Russian)

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